Hey mom you can teach Math
When I look back at the pre-high school years I see how God was with us every step of the way. There were many voices competing for my attention, some encouraging some not, some fed my fears & doubts. Others strengthened my resolve that I could do what God called me to do home school through high school. Every year he guided me in my curriculum selections. As well as provided me with awesome deals on curriculum via e-bay. I would hear things like how are YOU going to teach her Math? As though a woman, mom, parent can’t teach their child Math. The beauty of homeschooling is where you are weak you can find help. There are teachers out there that are affluent in Math.

Teaching Textbooks

CTC Math

Both of these sites are recognized by Cathy Duffy
She has them listed in her 102 Top Picks.

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One person asked me how long are you going to homeschool? My reply, “Until she graduates!”

So there you have it don’t let Math or other people’s opinions scare you from the plan God has laid out for you!

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Hey Homeschool Mom You Can Teach Math
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