If I Homeschool My Kids Will The Learn Social Skils?

A very interesting question indeed. I was asked this once and my answer was “bad association?” To which I received no response.

According to Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. from the National Home Education Research Institute
institution schooled more aggressive than home educated“.
Both groups were compared regarding their social adjustment. Both groups were similar in their positive self-esteem scores. Where they were significantly different was in their actual observed behavior. The institutional students expressed more problem behaviors and aggression than the home educated.

Public school kids spend most of their time with other kids whom they emulate, good or bad.

What’s the Difference?
The difference with homeschool kids is they’re with adults (parents mainly) most of the time therefore emulating them. Not to mention does not “family” teach socialization?

So I will leave you with this question: who do you want your children to emulate?


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March 13, 2018

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