Of all my years as a homeschool mom I would have to say my daughter’s Senior year was the best! Her last year was the year I discovered Kevin Swanson from Generations. I was really impress with his curriculum so I purchased it.
I wanted to have a really good springboard to launch my daughter off of and I felt Kevin’s material did just that!


I also finished up her Course Descriptions. Thankfully I had help from Lee Binz.
This is a great service when you are looking at preparing Course Descriptions for colleges. I highly recommend it! Lee Binz’s program really helps take the fear & frustration out of creating them.

12th Grade Curriculum Package
First up is the Literature Track: Worldviews in Conflict with Workbook
Second up is the History track: Freedom – The History of Western Liberties with Workbook
Third up is Government: God & Government A Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Perspective By Gary DeMar

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How to Make the Senior Year of Homeschooling the Best Year!
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