The verse I would like to share with you today is:

This verse so fits education. How does it fit you ask? As Christians our children do not belong to the government. Our children belong to God. We are called to raise our children up in the admonition of the Lord.

To teach them at all times. To encourage them to give their all to God! But how can they do that if they sit in the government’s schools? The same place where everything that is against God is lifted up and they are told to leave Jesus at the door!

There are those that say that our children are to be salt & light. But even a Missionary(a soldier) under goes training before venturing into another country. Does it not make sense that our children should sit under God’s training until they are fully trained so that they can better influence the world rather then be influenced?

For children are very impressionable, a blank slate ready to be written on!

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