An Artist in the Making
Here we are at the brink of my daughter’s graduation. I can’t believe we have come this far. As we now approach the finish line I’m ecstatic of what God has done! We made it!
Just the other day I was thinking of The Tooth Fairy & the part where Carly tells Derek that his problem is he can’t say what if! I do think of “what if”!

What if I would have placed my daughter in the public school? What would she had been like? Would she of had the same personality she has today?
The talented artist, the dreamer, the leader
Would she be as unique, mature, & sensitive as she is?

I honestly don’t think so. She was free to express herself, to be set apart & had time to follow her passions!
Maybe you are where I once was contemplating whether or not to homeschool your child. Consider the “what ifs” then follow your heart! God will see you through!

BTW if you’re looking for a God centered art program then you should check out See The Light! I used this with my daughter when she was younger. Pat is a wonderful Art teacher.

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An Artist in the Making
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